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Ten Years in Business!!!

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Well ladies and gentlemen, the last few years has been quite a ride!  I’ve gone through the ups and downs in life that really show you what you’re made of.  I also have had the great opportunity to see who my true friends are.  This community of musicians in Burlington, NC is unbelievable.  I’m so lucky to be in a town where great musicianship thrives and the  bands are known for helping each other out.  Our brother MACE has been in the hospital a couple months now, and the support that the community has given him is unbelievable.  Big props to Max Dearing at Dark Pines Studio for all his hard work with Mace’s projects, but also for mentoring me and helping me out of a pinch or two along the way…..

Soooo, what’s happening at Music Mania these days?

Well, I have been working with Jive Mother Mary on mixes of their newest album, Steve Edmunds has a great new song with Megan Doss on Vocals, and soon will have vocals from Heather Hayes, Isaac’s (staxx records, shaft, world renowned writer) daughter!  Megan has live and studio tracks that we are mixing for her booking demo and I have had the pleasure of working with an incredible Producer/Writer named Francisco Del.  He’s from Miami and is brilliant with Pro-tools and his style of production is crazy!!! I learned more with him in the studio in four days then I had learned in the past four years!! Can’t wait for you guys to hear the new Hip Pocket songs, they are amazing….

Well, it’s been TEN YEARS since I first invested in the studio and began this adventure of recording.  I had a couple years in there where I gave up for a bit, but the time away from it made me that much hungrier to move on and to be as good as I can be. I love what I do, I do what I love……jerm


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I just want to thank Will, Mason, Fluff, and Schulz for letting me crash on their couch while I was in Hollywood!


California Trip

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My trip to California has been great! I hung out at the Musician’s Institute, watched a Ben Folds seminar, jammed in a jazz class, saw JMM perform, stayed with my friend Adam and his awesome family, saw Brendan Benson at the Troubadour, recorded JMM at an awesome studio with Simeon called Blue Forest, and that’s all in 4 days!
It’s been eye opening, and I still have a couple days left!!!